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Uncorked Towson
20 W Susquehanna Ave, Suite #100
Towson, Maryland 21204

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Frequently asked questions

1. Local Delivery
1.1 If my order does not meet the Local Delivery requirements, will my order still be delivered?

Unfortunately, if your order does not meet our Local Delivery requirements we will not be able to deliver your order. We can hold your order for pick up, or refund and cancel the order.

Our Local Delivery requirements are: All orders over $35 (before tax) are eligible for Local Delivery. Local Delivery is restricted to the Towson area within 5 miles of our store location. 

1.2 I placed an order for Local Delivery. When will I receive it?
More often than not we'll be able to get you your order within an hour or two.  However, since we are a small staff that handles deliveries internally, we may occasionally need a little bit more time.  In any case, we will communicate with you promptly upon receiving your order with our projected timing. If you need your order in a specific window or would like to schedule an order in advance, that would allow us more time to plan and get you what you need when you need it.
2. Shipping
2.1 Can you ship anywhere in Maryland?  Out of state?
Unfortunately no.  As much as we would love to share all our favorite things with friends all over, we are restricted to delivery only within Baltimore County.  If you are wondering whether or not you fall within the county limits feel free to reach out to us and we'll let you know.  If you see something you want but fall outside the delivery zone we'd be happy to make arrangements to hold it for you until you can pick it up!
3. General Store Information
3.1 Do you have free parking?
Yes!  We share a parking lot with our neighbor Whole Foods and we validate for 90 minutes.  Makes sure to bring the parking ticket in so we can scan it.
3.2 I don't see what I'm looking for in your online store. Can you get it?
If it is available via one of our local distributors, yes!  Call 410-616-9075 or email [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP with pricing and availability.
3.3 Are you a wine bar?
Unfortunately no.  While our name does suggest the popping of corks, we cannot open wines for you to enjoy on the premises at this time. We do host occasional tastings of some of our favorite products though!
4. Orders Outside of North America
4.1 I live outside of North America, how do I place an order?

If you are trying to place an order from outside North America (example: South America, Europe, Asia, etc.), please contact us directly via email to [email protected] to make arrangements.